Located in the Hominy Valley of Western North Carolina, we grow high quality medicinal herbs for healing and nourishing both the farmer and our clients.


Our Mission

good field beds.JPG

We practice plant spirit gardening.  The Devas, spirits of the plants, hold the “blueprints” of the plants and they work with the Nature Spirits and me to help each plant grow so as to bring out the maximum medicinal properties they can.  They tell me where they want to be planted.  They tell me what they need.  They call to me.  They design the garden beds in circles intentionally to open heart chakras for the Earth, which is helping her heal.  

Nurturing gardens are my passion. We want Green Heart Gardens to be profitable and sustainable so that we can continue to heal and nourish both the farmers here and our clients. Magic truly happens here.
— Lorri Bura